Greenheart for Gardening – About Me

Welcome to my new website.  I am Richie Massey, business owner at Greenheart Gardens based in Shildon, Co Durham and I recently left teaching to follow my heart and start my own business as a freelance gardener, landscaper and designer.

I am also a hands-on dad to my young daughter, who keeps me pretty busy when I’m not in the garden!

Don’t get me wrong, whilst designing gardens is my passion, I am more than happy to carry out those difficult gardening tasks which many struggle with.

Trees and shrubs may become over grown and this can be a difficult, heavy job.  I am here to help.

As our loved ones get older, jobs which they may have carried out previously with ease, prove onerous, tiring or simply impossible.  I am here to help.

From the blank canvas of a newly built home to the re-design of a mature garden, I create solutions for your outdoor spaces.

Based in Co Durham I am happy to quote for one-off or regular maintenance work.


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